Tarot Basics 101 Workshop
Tarot Basics 101 Workshop
Tarot Basics 101 Workshop

Tarot Basics 101 Workshop

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Workshop Date: Sunday, March 22nd, 10:00am-12:00pm
Level: Beginner 
Instructor: Mary du Plessis, NinjaCat Tarot

Workshop Description:

You’ve seen them on TV or in the movies, or at an event or in a shop. Maybe you’ve summoned up your courage and had a reading done for yourself with ‘The Tarot Reader’. They shuffled their cards, laid them face up in a pattern and began telling you things about yourself. Things they couldn’t possibly know. How do they do that?  Are they psychic? Possibly? Reading your body language? Probably. But most importantly, they helped you understand things you already know about yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that you could use, whenever you wanted, to do the same?

You will Learn:

  • The Basics of Tarot
  • How it Works
  • Simple, basic and effective techniques to read cards from day one!
  • Different methods for daily insight and guidance

Workshop Includes:

  • A Tarot Deck to take home
  • A detailed workbook

This workshop is for participants 18 years of age and older. Each participant will enjoy 15% off of any purchases made during the workshop. Please include your email during check out to receive updates regarding the workshop. 

Workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please direct any questions or concerns to allison@noteddesignco.com 

About the Instructor: 

Mary du Plessis is the proprietor of NinjaCat Tarot. 

Follow her @ninjacattarot



Tarot Basics 101 Workshop